Remember Healing Woman, You are a Deep Well

Hi, I'm Vanessa Sage, PhD, and I'm so glad you're here! It's more important than ever for women to step into their light and share their wisdom with courage and strength. I offer Priestess training, spiritual mentoring, tarot readings, and retreats, to help you reclaim your power and calling as a Priestess. Develop a deeper mystical connection with nature and be part of an amazing spiritual community that will support you on your path!

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Sage Priestess Self-Study & Certification Are Open for Registration!

Priestess Self-StudyStart anytime! It’s perfect if you want to go at your own pace!

Priestess Certification is a 200 hour online training that is perfect for highly sensitive empaths who want to bring mindful compassionate spiritual leadership into their lives.

Registration Closes on June 9

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“This woman, this Priestess, knows Love as a force

and has the gentleness and wisdom to share

in a way that all can benefit in whatever way one needs.”