Ceremonial Guidance Sessions

Ceremony plants the seeds for your entire life!

In these personal journey sessions, we’ll create individualized sacred practices and ceremonies that will transform your life.

When we work with energies and symbols in personal ceremonies we engage all of our senses. Healing happens at the soul level.

Change comes from the inside out!

Imagine sitting in sacred space together as we work through a gentle four-step process.

1. Discovery Session

Here we discover what aspect of your life you would like to create ceremony around. We do this in sacred space. Think of this session like a warm hug for your spirit!

2. Ceremonial Guidance Session

In this session we tap into the form that the sacred ceremony wants to take. Doing this spiritual work with support and guidance is incredibly powerful. I work intuitively through deep listening and am able to help see the ceremony that is right for you.

3. Alchemy Session

In this session we will enter into sacred ceremonial space to help shift your energy. This session is all about experiencing ceremony! I’ll either hold the space for your ceremony or we’ll do the energetic preparation work before your personal private ceremony.

4. Transformation Session

In our final session, we celebrate your healing journey and explore practical steps you’ll want moving forward!

All Four Sessions are 75 minutes. We meet in a virtual meeting room online!
It’s designed as a two month process but can be shortened or extended for you.



Personal Ceremony Examples:

Dedications and Initiations

Pilgrimages and Sacred Travel

Self-Blessing for Deep Love and Compassion

Sacred Marriages (Including to Yourself)

Releasing Ceremonies


Retirement and Cronings

Body Healing

Coming Out and Gender Transitioning Ceremonies

The sky’s the limit!


Four 75 minute personal sessions: In each session, we enter into sacred space to help shift your energy.  I work intuitively through deep listening and encourage you to do the same.

You get hands on experience listening to your intuition and making clear choices from that place.

It is my deepest honour to be able to support you in creating your personal ceremony!

Email Support: In-between sessions we connect via email so that you never feel like you’re doing this alone.

A personal ceremony you will remember for the rest of your life!

For $777

Payment Plans Available on Request

How will I know if this is right for me?
You want to be understood, accepted, heard and you don’t want to feel alone anymore. You want to make changes in your life and find peace. You believe in your own inner wisdom. You’re looking for more stillness in your life. You want to find magic in life. You’ve suffered and want to feel joy again. You want to live authentically, honestly and kindly. You are ready to love, care, and connect to yourself again. You want to feel comfortable in your own skin. Yes!


I'm ready! What happens next?
After you purchase you’ll receive a welcome email right away to the email attached to your payment


I’ve booked a Session! What do I need to know?
You’ll need an internet connection so we can meet. All of these calls can be recorded at your request. I respect our time by showing up on time and not going over. You can rebook a session with 24 hours notice. I understand that emergencies happen. I clear my schedule for your session and do a lot of preparation work before our session so I ask that you please respect our appointment.


Do You Accept Payment in AUD, CDN, Euros, and Pounds?
Yes! All prices are quoted in USD. Your currency is automatically converted for you at checkout. Here’s a site that will give you the current exchange rate.


I Don’t Have a Paypal Account. Do You Accept Credit Card?
Yes! You can pay with credit or visa debit card if you don’t have a Paypal account at checkout.


Do You Invoice?
Yes! I invoice in USD when paying in full. Your currency will be automatically converted for you when making your payment.


What is your refund policy?
Sessions are a personalized service agreement, so once the service has been delivered there are no refunds. I’m giving you my knowledge, experience, insights and time. When I do a session for you, I dedicate myself entirely to you for the duration of our time. When you order a session, you are receiving a customized, personalized service, not a product.


Is this only open to women?
Not at all! I work with women, men, and trans. I hold an inclusive and open space for fluid gender expressions and am LGBTQ positive.

Disclaimer: This work is spiritual and intuitive in nature. I do not promise any cure and my sessions are not intended to be a replacement for licensed medical care or prescribed therapies. Please follow the advice of your doctors and counsellors for all medical treatments, prescribed remedies and for any and all mental health, physical health and emotional health problems.