Guest Teachers

In Sage Priestess Certification

Live Session: “The Crystals are Calling: Letting the Earth Speak Through Them”

Lori A Andrus is a modern-day priestess weaving the transformational practices of ceremony, ritual, shamanic journeying, and sacred creation, Lori bridges the spiritual and physical worlds awakening men and women to their true inner brilliance.

Lori is the creator and founder of the Journey Jewels™ Certification Program. She is also the creator of Journey Jewels® jewelry and the Priestess Pathway® Podcast.

Lori has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in occupational therapy. She is an artist, Reiki Master, crystal oracle, and graduate of The Four Winds: Healing the Light Body Program. She has traveled extensively throughout Peru studying with high mountain shaman and frequently embarks on road trips and personal pilgrimages throughout the United States.  Find her online at:

Live Session: “An Introduction to the Circle Way: The Art of Intentional Conversation.”

Joanna Powell Colbert, creatrix of the Gaian Tarot and the Pentimento Tarot, has been an artist, teacher, and convener of circles for over thirty years. She was named by SageWoman magazine as one of the Wisdom Keepers of the Goddess Spirituality movement. Joanna hosts retreats for women, and teaches workshops and e-courses on earth-­centered spirituality, seasonal contemplative practices, creativity as a devotional path, the Sacred Feminine, and using tarot as a tool for inner guidance and self-­exploration. Visit her online at

Live Session: The Four Cornerstones of Evolutionary Power

Julia B. Colwell, PhD has written two workbooks about creating loving relationships: Choosing Love: Pathways to Conscious Living and The Relationship Skills Workbook: A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Thriving Relationships (Sounds True: October, 2014). She’s seen hundreds of individuals, families, and couples in her psychotherapy practice and has consulted with a variety of organizations interested in developing blame-free work environments. She’s designed and taught countless weekend retreats, classes, and groups (including one with 40 couples in a field at a music festival and another in a gay bar), which have a reputation for being powerful, fun, and life-changing.

Julia co-created The Boulder Center for Conscious Community, or the BC3 where she leads the Intensive Learning Community, the Life Alignment Program, and teaches a variety of classes on living consciously. Find her online at: and

Live Session: “Opening to Intuition Through Body Awareness and Intuitive Art”

Monica Garcia, PhD is a divine guide, helping people to find their own inner wise guidance. She believes wholeheartedly that our own inner wise self will never fail us, and is ultimately the voice of the Divine. She leads workshops and groups as well as working deeply one-on-one with clients uncovering soul messages using ritual, tarot and oracle cards, and creativity. Her background includes a PhD in psychology, coach training, priestess training, expressive arts teacher training and her own multifaceted relationship with the Divine. Find her online at:

Live Session: “The Power of Authenticity​: Collaborating, Building Community & Creating Sacred Spaces”

Kiala Givehand is a creative business strategist, mixed media book artist, Happiness Catalyst, and multi-passionate ambivert. She runs multiple businesses that all have the same basic mission: To empower people to live R.I.C.H. lives (Radically Intent on Cultivating Happiness).

In her artistic life, she creates handmade journals and teaches others to do the same while sharing lessons on how to use journaling for self-discovery, reflection, and transformation. In her R.I.C.H. life, Kiala guides and supports creative women and couples through the beginning stages of starting and building a business they love. Most recently, she and her best friend (and husband), Damon, created R.I.C.H. From Scratch™ and The Freedom Training Ground™ where they host MasterMind groups, online classes, and in-person retreats founded on, and reframing, the pillars of Health, Wealth, and Purpose. After almost 20 years as an entrepreneur, 3 failed businesses, lots of self-study and soul-searching, Kiala has found her “happy place” in the world by showing up fully, authentically, and unapologetically.

She believes in imagination, laughter as medicine, that everything begins and ends with energy, that collaborations are far more fun than competitions, and that our legacy is much bigger than the amount of money we make while we are here. Connect with Kiala online where she shares random bits of her un-curated, REAL life.

Live Session: “Connecting to the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda: You are a Microcosm of the Macrocosm”

Carrie Hensley’s life’s purpose or dharma is to teach. She loves working with inquisitive and amazing souls like you who love to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. She is passionate about sharing the therapeutic benefits of yoga and Ayurveda, and has witnessed the positive impact in her own life and in the lives of the thousands of students she’s had the honor of teaching over the years. Carrie has been blessed to work with some amazing teachers and looks forward to sharing the wisdom and love she has learned and received with you!

“Be Uniquely You: Authentic Leadership, Visibility and Following Your Rhythms”

Jennifer Lee is the founder of Artizen Coaching and the author of Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way and the bestseller The Right-Brain Business Plan, which has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world launch their creative businesses.

After spending 10 years climbing the corporate ladder and getting tired of living her dream “on-the-side,” she took the leap to pursue her passions full-time. Jennifer has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, U.S. News & World Report, Whole Living, Family Circle, Cloth Paper Scissors Studios, and Choice.

She received her coaching certification and leadership training through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. She is also a certified yoga instructor, a certified Expressive Arts Facilitator, a certified meditation instructor, and holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from UCLA and an M.A. in Communication Management from USC. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find her online at:

“Herbal Self-Care Rituals for Body Temple Worship”

“How to Build a Sacred Platform as a Priestess and Sensitive Empath”

Sarah Magdalena Love is a web designer, writer and online marketing consultant with a wild love for herbalism, feminism, conscious touch, little dogs, naps and plants. She supports beautiful, sensitive souls in building a platform online and honing in on their message with her 1:1 work, her blogs and online courses.

Her websites are for all things web design and online marketing and for magic and radical self-healing.

“Energy Work for Empaths and Finding Spirit in a Veggie Burger”

Vix is an intuitive Tarot + Angel Card Reader + Fairyologist certified by Doreen Virtue, Holy Fire Reiki Practioner, Celtic Reiki Mystic Master, Headmistress of Woo Woo School and the creator of New Age Hipster. Sent here on a divine mission to kick open the musty old spiritual wardrobe, Vix is all about bringing the new age into the now by making spirituality accessible to whoever wants in! Vix is an ex high school and special ed teacher, has written a tween and a YA novel and enjoys drinking decaf tea, making Pinterest vision boards, eating Pizza and watching 80’s movies on Netflix.

Find her online:

“Vulnerability and Sharing from a Place of Service”

Lisa McLoughlin Lisa is a Mixed Media Digital Collage Artist and Maker, who creates Nature-inspired art and crafts including card decks: Plant Ally, Tree, Wisdom and Life Design, as well as various pouches and wraps to accessorise the card decks. She is currently creating a textile art tarot deck.

Her creativity is fuelled by the understanding that we are Nature, and that within our culture there is a real need to shift how we communicate with ourselves and others to kinder ways of expression. Lisa knows that images of Nature can improve our emotional and physical wellbeing because its colours, shapes and materials are enjoyable to look at. Nature is dynamic and continuously changes which can support us in our own growth, and Lisa knows that if we trust in nature’s guidance it can help us to create what we desire.

Website –

“Being Your Own Beloved: The Camera as a Self-Empowerment Tool”

Vivienne McMaster is a photographer, e-course teacher, positive body-image advocate and creator of the Be Your Own Beloved workshops. Her photographs have been seen in such places as and The Huffington Post. She works with folks to help them feel empowered and resilient in their relationship to photos. The camera and self-portraiture helped her heal her own negative body image and she’s now on a mission share these tools and help women choose compassion over critique, one photo at a time.  You can more about her at

Live Session: “Living with the Moon: Tracking and Transforming from Within”

April Miller McMurtry is a visual artist, mother, creative lunar coach and educator. She designed​ ​​the New Moon Calendar/Journal out of a vision to create a beautiful and simple tool for women to connect with their physical, emotional, and creative selves within the context of the phases of the moon.

Her wish is to help shift the tides and bring lunar time back into public awareness as a way to support creative healing practices. ​April​ work​s​ with individuals who want to learn more about tracking with the moon to support their personal practice. This is an invitation to deep inquiry and self-reflection. It is both practical and mystical.

Y​ou can find her @themoonismycalendar on Instagram +​

Live Session: “Boundaries and Energy Work”

Elle North is an intuitive mystic, spiritual teacher, and inspired graphic designer. As a Reiki Master who combines knowledge of Tarot, intuition, meditation, yoga, and crystals, Elle creates unique offerings + courses for soul-seekers. Elle is the creatrix of the Wisdom Within School of Intuition and ALIGNED:  A crystal meditation album.

Elle’s work is to empower others to connect to their inner wisdom. An alchemist at heart, Elle thrives in a space where things are sacred and full of ritual. She believes transformation can occur when we move the unconscious to the conscious; the inner world to the outer world. Discover more about Elle at and

“Soul Healing Meditation”

Bindi Shah’s journey to her soul offerings started in 2001 with a visit to an Ayurveda retreat in India. After discovering how good it felt to receive deep natural health-care and what a difference this made to her life, she embarked on a course in India to learn more of this ancient art. The year-long study in India included theory from the ancient scriptures, learning the poetic language of Sanskrit, vedic-astrology, yoga, meditation and herbs. It was an amazing experience and on returning to London, she set up her business helping people with the knowledge she had gained.

While treating people for various conditions, Bindi realized that the key to a lot of physical problems lay in emotional issues. She started meditating more herself and teaching more of this ancient practice as a technique for healing.

Healing herself from a past life trauma led to the development of the Soul Healing Meditation. In this meditation the person directly connects with their inner self and essence, the soul. The insights received from this connection help the person heal on a deeper spiritual level.

Bindi has wonderful soul offerings in her online school and is writing her first book based on life coaching techniques which have helped her and her clients. Website: