Sage Priestess Certification

Remember Healing Woman, You are a Deep Well


Watch Living Priestess


Sage Priestess Certification BEGINS on June 7, 2018!

Enter the Mystery

This program will bring you into the heart of the Mystery:

The space between the seen and unseen.

The place where your inner Priestess resides.

Lift the veil and see what has

been here all along…



It’s more important than ever for women to step into their light as spiritual leaders and

Share their wisdom with courage and strength.

Discover and Reclaim Your Power and Calling as a Priestess!

At every step of the way, you’ll be encouraged

To listen to your inner wisdom &

Be witnessed as an embodiment of the divine!


Sage Priestess Certification BEGINS on June 7 & Registration Closes on June 30, 2018!


People all over the world need your dedicated attention and connection to spirit.


When you step on this path, you are consciously becoming a wise woman and commit to seeding that wisdom throughout the world.

This wisdom is where the change in our world will happen: one person, circle, temple, and community at a time.

  • Discover the rewards of being a sacred guide for others.
  • Develop spiritual self-mastery and stand in your strength.
  • Hold space for people to connect deeply to their souls.
  • Explore what being a Priestess can mean to you.


When you step on this path,

You are becoming part of a global movement and

Long lineage of women who are changing the way we relate

To the earth, our bodies, ourselves & each other.


May you emerge from this program full of love in your heart.

May you relax into effortless belonging,

As you release all expectations and

Gather blessings.

You, an offering to all that is whole and holy.

May you unfold as you are

May you be a Living Priestess.


I work with highly sensitive empaths, creatives and spiritual seekers who long to belong to themselves again.

Women who are grounded in the richness of life who want a sense of ease as they live whole-hearted and open lives.

I share practical Priestess skills of honouring people and the earth.

You’ll learn to hold space for others to heal and connect with their divine natures.

You’ll be invited to be in touch with the natural rhythms of the earth.

But more than that, you’re welcomed home to yourself!

Gather sacred space into yourself as you connect to your inner divinity and move from that place.

Be restored through your own authentic way of living a spiritual life.

I witness you as the luminous soul you are.  

Feel into what being a Priestess means to you.

I hold the container, and give you guidance and skills, as you discover and embody your own ways.

I’ll never define what being a Priestess is for you or tell you what your relationship to the divine should look like.

Your unique path is celebrated here!



Hi, I’m Vanessa Sage, Ph.D., and I’ve been immersed in the women’s spirituality movement for over 20 years! I’ve led four cycles of women in Priestess training, and am so excited to be bringing the next level of the program to you.

I’m a poet at heart, have written a book of poetry, and also run a tarot school.

I love finding wonder in my everyday life, and comfort in a good book and a cup of tea.

I have a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from McMaster University and have published scholarly articles on Goddess Pilgrimage in Glastonbury, England and The Romantic Movement’s Influence on Contemporary Paganism.

As a cultural anthropologist, with a deep love and respect for many cultures, I understand culture as multiple, complex, not fixed, and in constant change. You will see different cultural influences showing up in my work. I view this as a strength.

Over the course of my 10-year academic career, I studied: Buddhism, goddess spirituality, pilgrimage, contemporary paganism, and how hope for a city was embodied in an arts scene.


I walk this path with you.

I’m inspired by many spiritual traditions,

Do my own personal spiritual growth work,

And am a highly sensitive introverted empath.


You’ll notice that I talk about the Goddess, drum at the beginning of circles, invite you to be seen and heard, and have a very intuitive participatory teaching style. All the feelings are welcome and there’s a lot of laughter when we meet.

I’m a Shamanic Priestess who follows a Goddess path.

You’ll be invited to go on journeys and participate in rituals.


I care deeply about mindful compassionate leadership and am a practicing Buddhist. I’m committed to building enriching, conscious and thriving community based on the principles of love, compassion, kindness, and respect.

I’m body positive and am committed to providing a welcoming space for people of all ages, cultural, racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, as well as sexual orientations and gender identities in my programs.

Read More About Me and My Approach HERE!

Read Priestess Testimonials HERE!

Sage Priestess Certification BEGINS on June 7 & Registration Closes on June 30, 2018!

What’s Included:

This is a year-long, 200 hour, certification program with five modules.

Each of the modules is 4-5 weeks long with lots of space in-between.

Module 1 – June 2018: Enter the Mystery

Stand in your vision of what Priestessing looks like for you

With Elen of the Ways as your guide, explore the Priestess archetype and

Develop your own unique way of connecting with the Divine



Module 2 – August 2018: Reclaiming the Wild Self

Instinct, Intuition & Loving the World

Meet Old Bone Woman as you Dive into

Lunar & Solar Cycles,

Plant Magic and

Sacred Intuitive Art


Module 3 – October 2018
: Being in Your Power & Sharing Your Wisdom

Fully step into your sacred embodiment as a Priestess

Explore power, commitments, empathy, and service

Share your wisdom from a place of strength

Bring your Priestessing to the world!



Module 4 – January 2019: Mindful Compassionate Priestessing

Priestess with grace, openness, and vulnerability

Learn how to Self-Priestess

Energetic boundaries for highly sensitive empaths

See yourself and others with compassion.



Module 5 – March 2019: Lifting the Veil: Ritual and Ceremony

Come full circle

Back the mystery

Walk between the worlds &

Facilitate ritual and ceremony for yourself and others


For Each of the Modules You’ll Receive:

  • A Live half-day workshop on the theme for the module
  • Live Calls and Recorded Video and Pdf Course Material
  • A Guiding Goddess and Devotional Practice
  • A 30 day PDF Priestess Journal
  • A List of Recommended Resources
  • Sage Priestess Self Study content fully integrated into the Program ($444 Value)

Calls and workshops are led by myself, my partner Stacy, Guest Teachers, and the Melissa Priestesses. All calls are recorded.


We build our community through trust and respect.

The primary purpose of our community is to witness the divine within each other

and encourage each other to follow our own unique Priestess paths.


The program includes 100 contact hours and 100 self-study hours.

While each person will have different needs, I suggest setting aside 4 hours a week in your schedule to read, journal, explore the practices, connect with each other and enjoy the content.

During the modules, it will be more intensive. In-between modules there will be plenty of space so you don’t feel overwhelmed or behind.

Teaching Calls (48 hours)

We gather in community during each module for live participatory calls and workshops. You’ll be given the core lesson of the week and have an opportunity to share your insights and ask questions. All calls are recorded and times will be based on guest teacher and group availability.

Guest Teachers

You will be guided and supported by some of the most inspiring and amazing women I know. They will lead you in topics such as: the circle way, recognizing yourself as beloved, being seen as the authentic and unique leader you are, sharing from a place of service, collaborating with others, accessing your intuition, listening to your soul’s guidance, and taking really good care of yourself in the process. And much much more!

Read More About the Guest Teachers Here!


Recorded Content in the Classroom (10 hours)

There is recorded content from Guest Teachers in the course. A few hours each module is enough to complete it.

Priestess Circles in the Pause (12 hours)

We’ll meet in circle during months when we don’t have a module. Circles will be led by myself or the Melissa Priestesses. The practice of circle we do together is one of the cornerstones of our work together. This is the training in action! Give yourself 15 minutes before and after to prepare and ground.


Temple Spaces & Community Connection (20 hours)

On the New and Full Moons, the Melissa Priestess will hold a temple space for you. You’ll spend a few minutes in sacred space with them and share your thoughts and responses in the group.

Spend a Moment with Karen Faith, One of Your Melissa’s

Office Hours (10 hours)

I will hold weekly office hours in the group during each module to answer any questions you may have and provide support. Come with your questions and insights!

Priestess Journals (20 hours)

For each module you’re given a 30 day journal to fill out. Plan on spending 10 minutes a day. It will help you integrate the material.

Priestess Self-Study Course, Included with Enrolment (30 hours)

As part of your tuition, you’re given access to the Sage Priestess Self-Study Course. The pdfs from self-study will be integrated into the program. I recommend spending time on it during the pause months or setting aside 30 minutes to a 1 hour a week.

Other Self-Study & Priestess Movement (50 hours)

Suggested ways to spend this time: doing the Priestess movement videos for the module, connecting in nature, reading books recommended (not required), or doing your spiritual practice.



You’ll be given 12 sessions of Priestess movement practices (that range from 10 – 25 mins) from Sigrid Steen Haugen. Sigrid was a Melissa for several years and also took the program. Her movement videos invite you into sacred space and offer an embodied approach to the different subjects and materials.

These practices are a way to incorporate priestessing into your movement practices and/or rituals.

Most of the practices will have 2 versions, one general and one that is mobility adapted, yet all are placed on such a level that it is open for any level of experience. They will not require any props, mat or any special outfit.


All teaching calls, circles and virtual retreats are recorded.

We are a global community. There are people registered from North America, Europe and Australia…

Calls are scheduled to meet our global needs!


You’re asked to practice your skills and make commitments to yourself and your fellow Priestesses on the path.

The rewards are immeasurable when you do this sacred work, complete the assignments, and attend all of the circles and workshops you can.




Each Month you’ll meet in a small group for a 3-hour Priestess Mastermind workshop led by guest teachers and myself.

You’ll dive into advanced Priestessing topics and have individual attention as you develop your own personal practice and projects.

This is truly an enriching next step on your path and

We’re so excited to bring this to you!

Just Some of the Advanced Workshops:

  • Advanced Circle Way Workshop
  • Diving Deeper into Journey for Self and Others
  • Letting Source be the Container for Your Work with Vix Maxwell
  • Leverage Your Gifts Through the Power of Retreats with Carrie Hensley
  • Healing Community Wounds with Spirit with Monica Garcia
  • Sacred Self-Care: Importance of Daily Practice and How to Cultivate it
  • Holy Yes & Holy No: Protecting Your Energy & Making Impeccable Agreements
  • Rising from the Ashes: From Burnout to Joy



With the successful completion of all five modules, you’ll receive a signed certificate.

After each module, you’ll hand a short 500 word or 10-minute video/audio update on your progress, challenges, and celebrations.

This is meant to support not test you. The main purpose is to help you stay on track and feel like you are moving forward.

You have 18 months to complete the program. We can arrange longer in special circumstances. Because this is a live program (think of it like attending a series of in-person workshops, retreats and trainings), the program content is available to support you for six months after the program is over.

I will also regularly hold office hours in the group to answer any questions you may have.

This credential will support you as a teacher, healer, guide, coach, yoga instructor, dance facilitator, artist, and spiritual leader.

You’ll confidently be able to hold circles and workshops based on the skills you develop in the program.


My aim is that you come away from the program with

An inner courage and power

That is easily accessed and shared with others.



Right from the moment you register, you’re taking part in women doing things differently and creating change in the world. We are part of a sacred economics that can positively impact the world with our choices.



Application Fee of $50 +

$2222 Pay in Full

$199 Monthly

Registration is open until June 30, 2018



Application Fee of $50 +

$3333 Pay in Full

$299 Monthly

Registration is open until June 30, 2018

Take the First Step On Your Priestess Path!

An application will be sent to you right away to the email connected to your account.

Applications will be reviewed within 24 hours. Please let me know if you don’t receive the form right away.

Application Fee is refundable if you decide not to enrol. You must apply before you can register!

Please Note: There are a very limited number of partial scholarships available at the community level. Learn more.

Once registered the program is non-refundable.

The application helps support you on this path:

It’s highly unlikely that I will turn anyone away with a sincere interest in the program.

You don’t need to have taken my self-study course to join the certification level.

All levels of experience are accepted. I meet you where you are.

Once you receive your invitation to join the program, you’ll be directed to a private registration page.

Please let us know if you have any more questions. We’re here to help!


The Sage Priestess program has supported me in so many facets of my life. I can truly say that I am stepping into leadership in a way that empowers both myself and others. With the support of this program, I have further developed my understanding of how to hold space for others, my commitment to presence, and my sense of confidence in what I have to share.

I have begun to frame my work as a teacher as a sacred practice, and have been utilizing the tools I have learned in this program to support children and families. I am expanding into sharing the full spectrum of my gifts with the world and showing up as my whole self.

I am diving deeper into my magical practices, including plant medicine, tarot, and ritual. I have plans to offer these gifts to a wider audience in the future. I have begun to truly honour my own voice as unique and necessary.

The women in this circle have held such gentle and unconditional space for my evolution as a teacher and healer and person. Many thanks to all of you. –Maya Phoenix

You dear Sister will receive more than you can imagine from taking the leap and joining this beautiful program. You will laugh, cry and have many light bulb moments. You will make friends and be supported through struggles and accomplishments. Blessings to you on this next leg of your journey.

This certification has truly enriched my life in more ways than I can count. It deepened my daily practice and made me feel more connected to myself. It’s taught me how to hold space in a different way for my friends when they have gone through struggles. My plans are to hold workshops and circle space when I open up an Air BnB in the future. –Shara P.

During the program, my confidence and skills increased to the point that I was ready to be seen in the world. I launched my website knowing clearly what I wanted to share with the world and how I could sustain devotion to my work. I enjoyed the support and empowerment to do my best and own my sensitivity and empath qualities. – Kerrie Norris

The Sage Priestess Certification course absolutely changed my paradigm. It came at a very unsure part of my journey. It was exactly what the universe had called for me. The group work, the journaling, the meetings and the teachers, all phenomenal. Please, if you are even thinking that this is for you, this is for YOU! It will be the best gift you can ever give to yourself. – Gabriella

I can’t begin to express how much I have enjoyed being a part of the Sage Priestess certification course. The knowledge that has been shared by amazing Goddesses/Priestesses from around the World, has been such a gift. There has been much work to do inward, reflection of my Self and as much as I sometimes balk at doing the work, it is ALWAYS worth it and necessary.

If you resonate with the course, please don’t hesitate. Give yourself the most amazing gift to learn with Women who are giving, vulnerable, open, warm, compassionate and the most beautiful Spirits I am honoured to have spent time with and now call Sisters. – Tatjana Kozak Kowand

This course spoke to me in so many ways. During a time in my life when I had much upheaval and wanderings – this course allowed me to stay grounded and rooted to the earth while also growing my wings and finding new ways of being in the world. Each module ignited a different awakening and brought me closer home to myself and my own power. I would highly recommend Vanessa as a teacher! – Anita Kaiser

I really loved every aspect of the certification program – it was so rich with beautiful material, guest teachers and community. I received a ton of resources, frameworks and inspiration to create my own path and was always encouraged to follow my own inner wisdom. – Yarrow Magdalena

It’s a big step to think of myself as a priestess, yet, as a weaver, I saw that weavers were traditionally priestesses. They served Athena, for instance, and wove the sacred peplos for the annual festival to honor Her. Vanessa helped me understand how to step into this part of being a weaver and an artist, something that I have sensed all of my life, but now, here it was, laid out in front of me: weaver as priestess.

2018 Bonuses

Custom made Goddess Sculpture ($222 Value)

For the First FIVE people who Pay in Full – ONE Left


These Goddess sculptures by Lisa Nagel are a beautiful anchor, a token to help us all remember our own inner magic, our connection to the Divine around us and the invitation to come as we are.

Every Goddess is one of a kind and uniquely magical. As she creates your Goddess, she tunes into the magical energies that want to support you and want to be embodied in your Goddess.

Each Goddess is made with lots of love, space, presence, and magic.

Note: Available for Priestesses at the Early Bird or Regular Tuition Rate at either Level


Spirit Speak Bonuses! OMG!


The First 15 Priestesses to enrol will get a Vessel Oracle deck 

+ A Snake Goddess or Artemis Patch. – SOLD OUT

Note: Available for Priestesses at the Early Bird or Regular Tuition Rate at either Level


The First 10 Priestesses to enrol will get a Set of Offering Bowls by Ember Vincent – SOLD OUT

There are still several Goddess Patches available (also pictured). Aren’t they gorgeous!

Note: Available for Priestesses at the Early Bird or Regular Tuition Rate at either Level

The Moon is My Calendar! Free Gift for Everyone Who Enrols


As a part of this program, you will receive a digital version of the New Moon Calendar / Journal to track your emotional, physical and creative cycles over time, allowing you to deepen self-awareness of your personal orbits and the phases of the moon.

Digital Altar Card by Karen Faith

A Little Look Within Online Class by Denise Daffara

Sage Priestess Self Study! ($444 Value)


As soon as you register you qualify for the special mentoring rate of $222!


The program is designed as a group program, so if you thrive with personalized attention, individual mentoring can make all the difference.

Priestess Mentorship is spiritual mentoring to help support you in the program.

Spaces for mentorship are very limited and can be added on at any time during the program as long as there are spots available.

Your special mentoring rate is $222 an hour for all levels.

I'm ready! What happens next?
After you apply you’ll receive an application form right away to the email attached to your payment.

If you don’t receive it please contact me so I can get it to you!


Is the certification program only offered once a year?
Yes. I open enrolment once a year.


I have a lot on my plate. How much time will it take?
This is a 200-hour program with half of the time will be spent together. Plan on attending all the live calls and retreats and participating in the group. All calls are recorded if you can’t attend live.

I recommend giving yourself a 4 hours a week. During the modules, it will be a little more intensive with plenty of time and space in between so you never feel overwhelmed.

I’ve structured the program in a way that gives people a lot of space in-between modules. After several years of running a year-long program, I’ve learned that being full-on all the time can be tough for everyone. I want you to feel like you’re making progress with lots of time to do the work and lots of time to rest and engage in the rest of your life.

I recognize the fact that your energy ebbs and flows. This will happen and that is okay! We are working with cyclic time so any given moment is an opportunity to step back in.


How long do I have to complete the program?
You have 18 months to complete the program. We can arrange longer in special circumstances. Because this is a LIVE program (think of it like attending a series of in-person workshops, retreats and trainings), the program content is available to support you for six months after the program is over.


When are the calls and what if I miss some?
Calls are offered at different times of day on weekdays and weekends in order to accommodate the most amount of people from around the world. A regular start time, however, is often between 3:00-5: 00 pm ET. After years of meeting, I’ve found that these times, while not always ideal, are the best way to ensure that the program is accessible for everyone. We work together as a community to show up for each other. There will also be some Europe-friendly and Australia-friendly calls worked into the program as well. All the calls, except the optional peer circles, are recorded. Watching the recording is still participating in the program.


I'm in Australia or Europe and I'm not sure if the calls circles would work. Can you tell me more about the call times?
There is already an Australian and European contingent registered in the program! One of the Melissa Priestesses is located in Australia and another is in Norway. We meet regularly as a group! I try to schedule the circles and call at times that work for everyone. That will mean some early mornings if you’re in Australia and some late nights if you’re in Europe. However, this year we also have specific Australian and European friendly circle times as well! Plus, everything is are recorded if you can’t attend live.


Can you tell me more about how live online calls, circles and virtual retreats work?
We’ll meet on Zoom. This is free and simple for you to use. We will be able to see and hear each other, which makes it very similar to an in-person class. I love it! All of these calls will be recorded.


Are there any prerequisites & should I take Priestess Self-Study before taking Certification?
Absolutely not! I meet you where you are and honour your inherent wisdom. Self-Study is included in the Certification program. Self-Study is for personal interest and development and is meant for self-directed learners. There is no certificate at the end of self-study. Certification is a live group program with a lot of community connection. It is meant to teach you practical mindful compassionate leadership skills to take with you into your life and work.


Is it possible to receive certification through the self-paced course?
The self-study course is for interest and personal development only. It is not intended to replace the live certification training and you only receive a certificate with the Certification Program.


I'm very new to this, and I'm not sure I want to lead groups right now. Is this program for experienced women who want to lead only?
Oh my goodness, no at all. The program is so perfect for you if you are looking for personal development but don’t have interest in running your own groups. I’d say one of the main reasons people enroll is for personal growth and community connection. I’m so honoured to work with you and stand side by side with you on this journey!

The way I view leadership is it’s all about being personally empowered. Leading in your own life, for yourself. Without that, there’s nothing else. I will be giving you tools to lead and they can be applied to any aspect of your life. It’s so important to me that the training be what you need it to be. I meet you where you are.

For some, that will be about leading groups or bringing the tools into their work or teaching, parenting, art practices, etc. My deepest hope is that the program is an enriching and empowering program where you meet yourself and each other more deeply.


I'm very experienced. I've taken many trainings and lead my own groups. Will this program be right for me?
Absolutely! Thank you for being here. I am so honoured to work with you and stand side by side with you on this journey. My approach to leadership is that all experience is valued. I simply hold the container for whatever is meant to come forward and be experienced. That will be different for everyone. Some of the women in my program have long established spiritual practices where they run circles, teach other women and girls, and have their own training programs. Some have been studying and practicing for years and others are just starting. Some are artists and mothers who are simply drawn to the work. In the space of this program, there is room for it all. I am invested in every single woman who is part of the program. You are very welcome here!


Does this program follow a spiritual tradition?
Not at all! As a cultural anthropologist, I find a sense of joy and inspiration in many different spiritual and religious paths. Many other priestess training programs teach a particular tradition and priestess practices to follow within that tradition. I personally don’t follow just one tradition, and I know I’m not alone. While the program is informed by Earth-centred, Celtic-inspired, Women’s Spirituality, at every step of the way the ball is in your court for how you choose to use and adapt the material in a way that suits you!


Can you tell me more about your approach?
I tend to specialize in creating sacred space online, deepening compassion, and working with women who are highly sensitive empaths. I don’t teach a tradition so there are women of many different backgrounds and approaches in the program. For me, the mere practice of circle is ever evolving. Priestessing is a deepening, an enlivening, and unfolding practice for me. It goes as deep as you want it to.


What’s a Priestess?
My approach comes from a place of empowering you, so the definition is very open. How you define the term priestess is completely up to you! There are women in the program who would probably never call themselves priestesses out in the “real” world but bring the program to their children and art in really beautiful ways. For me, it’s about encouraging people to embody their inner souls/selves. I believe that simply doing that is a great gift and is of service to the word.


What are Melissa Priestesses?
Melissas are Priestesses who have been through the program. They are here for you as holders of sacred space in the Facebook group and in the online circles and training days.


Can you tell me more about the Temple Spaces?
I am passionate about finding new ways to create sacred space online. Temple hours will be held on the new and full moons in the Facebook group for you to ask questions, share, give and receive blessings and simply sit with the divine within.


Do I need to purchase materials for the program?
I’ve structured the program in such a way that you do not need to buy anything. Connecting to the sacred doesn’t require anything but a willing heart and a connection to the self, to nature, and to others. You’ll be given reading lists and other resources lists to look at for additional support if you wish. I have a lot of tools that I use but I aways suggest alternatives. How much you spend and what you choose to buy in addition is entirely up to you and is not required at all.


Do You Accept Payment in AUD, CDN, Euros, and Pounds?
Yes! All prices are quoted in USD. Your currency is automatically converted for you at checkout


I Don’t Have a Paypal Account. Do You Accept Credit Card?
Yes! You can pay with credit or visa debit card if you don’t have a Paypal account at checkout.


Do You Invoice?
Yes! I invoice in USD when paying in full only. Your currency will be automatically converted for you when making your payment.


What is your refund policy?
The application fee is completely refundable if you decide not to enrol.

It’s important for the nature of this work that you set the intention to complete the program. This is a form of initiation. Really check in with yourself and see if you can make the commitment to the program at this time. May this be a renewing, deep, rewarding and transformative experience for you!

The program is non-refundable once you choose to enrol. By registering with a monthly plan you are making a commitment to complete all payments.


Is this only open to women?
This program is open to women and trans. I hold an inclusive and open space for queer and fluid gender expressions and am LGBTQ positive.