Sage Priestess Certification

Remember Healing Woman, You are a Deep Well


Watch Living Priestess


Registration for Sage Priestess Certification will OPEN again in SPRING 2019!

Enter the Mystery

This program will bring you into the heart of the Mystery:

The space between the seen and unseen.

The place where your inner Priestess resides.

Lift the veil and see what has

been here all along…



It’s more important than ever for women to step into their light as spiritual leaders and

Share their wisdom with courage and strength.

Discover and Reclaim Your Power and Calling as a Priestess!

At every step of the way, you’ll be encouraged

To listen to your inner wisdom &

Be witnessed as an embodiment of the divine!


Registration for Sage Priestess Certification will Open again JUNE 2019!


People all over the world need your dedicated attention and connection to spirit.


When you step on this path, you are consciously becoming a wise woman and commit to seeding that wisdom throughout the world.

This wisdom is where the change in our world will happen: one person, circle, temple, and community at a time.

  • Discover the rewards of being a sacred guide for others.
  • Develop spiritual self-mastery and stand in your strength.
  • Hold space for people to connect deeply to their souls.
  • Explore what being a Priestess can mean to you.


When you step on this path,

You are becoming part of a global movement and

Long lineage of women who are changing the way we relate

To the earth, our bodies, ourselves & each other.


May you emerge from this program full of love in your heart.

May you relax into effortless belonging,

As you release all expectations and

Gather blessings.

You, an offering to all that is whole and holy.

May you unfold as you are

May you be a Living Priestess.


I work with highly sensitive empaths, creatives and spiritual seekers who long to belong to themselves again.

Women who are grounded in the richness of life who want a sense of ease as they live whole-hearted and open lives.

I share practical Priestess skills of honouring people and the earth.

You’ll learn to hold space for others to heal and connect with their divine natures.

You’ll be invited to be in touch with the natural rhythms of the earth.

But more than that, you’re welcomed home to yourself!

Gather sacred space into yourself as you connect to your inner divinity and move from that place.

Be restored through your own authentic way of living a spiritual life.

I witness you as the luminous soul you are.  

Feel into what being a Priestess means to you.

I hold the container, and give you guidance and skills, as you discover and embody your own ways.

I’ll never define what being a Priestess is for you or tell you what your relationship to the divine should look like.

Your unique path is celebrated here!



Hi, I’m Vanessa Sage, Ph.D., and I’ve been immersed in the women’s spirituality movement for over 20 years! I’ve led six cycles of women in Priestess training, and am so excited to be bringing the next level of the program to you.

I’m a poet at heart, have written a book of poetry, and also run a tarot school.

I love finding wonder in my everyday life, and comfort in a good book and a cup of tea.

I have a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from McMaster University and have published scholarly articles on Goddess Pilgrimage in Glastonbury, England and The Romantic Movement’s Influence on Contemporary Paganism.

As a cultural anthropologist, with a deep love and respect for many cultures, I understand culture as multiple, complex, not fixed, and in constant change. You will see different cultural influences showing up in my work. I view this as a strength.

Over the course of my 10-year academic career, I studied: Buddhism, goddess spirituality, pilgrimage, contemporary paganism, and how hope for a city was embodied in an arts scene.


I walk this path with you.

I’m inspired by many spiritual traditions,

Do my own personal spiritual growth work,

And am a highly sensitive introverted empath.


You’ll notice that I talk about the Goddess, drum at the beginning of circles, invite you to be seen and heard, and have a very intuitive participatory teaching style. All the feelings are welcome and there’s a lot of laughter when we meet.

I’m a Shamanic Priestess who follows a Goddess path.

You’ll be invited to go on journeys and participate in rituals.


I care deeply about mindful compassionate leadership and am a practicing Buddhist. I’m committed to building enriching, conscious and thriving community based on the principles of love, compassion, kindness, and respect.

I’m body positive and am committed to providing a welcoming space for people of all ages, cultural, racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, as well as sexual orientations and gender identities in my programs.

Read More About Me and My Approach HERE!

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The Sage Priestess program has supported me in so many facets of my life. I can truly say that I am stepping into leadership in a way that empowers both myself and others. With the support of this program, I have further developed my understanding of how to hold space for others, my commitment to presence, and my sense of confidence in what I have to share.

I have begun to frame my work as a teacher as a sacred practice, and have been utilizing the tools I have learned in this program to support children and families. I am expanding into sharing the full spectrum of my gifts with the world and showing up as my whole self.

I am diving deeper into my magical practices, including plant medicine, tarot, and ritual. I have plans to offer these gifts to a wider audience in the future. I have begun to truly honour my own voice as unique and necessary.

The women in this circle have held such gentle and unconditional space for my evolution as a teacher and healer and person. Many thanks to all of you. –Maya Phoenix

You dear Sister will receive more than you can imagine from taking the leap and joining this beautiful program. You will laugh, cry and have many light bulb moments. You will make friends and be supported through struggles and accomplishments. Blessings to you on this next leg of your journey.

This certification has truly enriched my life in more ways than I can count. It deepened my daily practice and made me feel more connected to myself. It’s taught me how to hold space in a different way for my friends when they have gone through struggles. My plans are to hold workshops and circle space when I open up an Air BnB in the future. –Shara P.

During the program, my confidence and skills increased to the point that I was ready to be seen in the world. I launched my website knowing clearly what I wanted to share with the world and how I could sustain devotion to my work. I enjoyed the support and empowerment to do my best and own my sensitivity and empath qualities. – Kerrie Norris

The Sage Priestess Certification course absolutely changed my paradigm. It came at a very unsure part of my journey. It was exactly what the universe had called for me. The group work, the journaling, the meetings and the teachers, all phenomenal. Please, if you are even thinking that this is for you, this is for YOU! It will be the best gift you can ever give to yourself. – Gabriella

I can’t begin to express how much I have enjoyed being a part of the Sage Priestess certification course. The knowledge that has been shared by amazing Goddesses/Priestesses from around the World, has been such a gift. There has been much work to do inward, reflection of my Self and as much as I sometimes balk at doing the work, it is ALWAYS worth it and necessary.

If you resonate with the course, please don’t hesitate. Give yourself the most amazing gift to learn with Women who are giving, vulnerable, open, warm, compassionate and the most beautiful Spirits I am honoured to have spent time with and now call Sisters. – Tatjana Kozak Kowand

This course spoke to me in so many ways. During a time in my life when I had much upheaval and wanderings – this course allowed me to stay grounded and rooted to the earth while also growing my wings and finding new ways of being in the world. Each module ignited a different awakening and brought me closer home to myself and my own power. I would highly recommend Vanessa as a teacher! – Anita Kaiser

I really loved every aspect of the certification program – it was so rich with beautiful material, guest teachers and community. I received a ton of resources, frameworks and inspiration to create my own path and was always encouraged to follow my own inner wisdom. – Yarrow Magdalena

Registration for Sage Priestess Certification will Open again JUNE 2019!

Please let us know if you have any more questions. We’re here to help!