Priestess Testimonials

The Sage Priestess program has supported me in so many facets of my life. I can truly say that I am stepping into leadership in a way that empowers both myself and others. With the support of this program, I have further developed my understanding of how to hold space for others, my commitment to presence, and my sense of confidence in what I have to share.

I have begun to frame my work as a teacher as a sacred practice, and have been utilizing the tools I have learned in this program to support children and families. I am expanding into sharing the full spectrum of my gifts with the world, and showing up as my whole self.

I am diving deeper into my magical practices, including plant medicine, tarot, and ritual. I have plans to offer these gifts to a wider audience in the future. I have begun to truly honor my own voice as unique and necessary.

The women in this circle have held such gentle and unconditional space for my evolution as a teacher and healer and person. Many thanks to all of you. –Maya Phoenix


During the program my confidence and skills increased to the point that I was ready to be seen in the world. I launched my website knowing clearly what I wanted to share with the world and how I could sustain devotion to my work. I enjoyed the support and empowerment to do my best and own my sensitivity and empath qualities. – Kerrie Norris

You dear Sister will receive more than you can imagine from taking the leap and joining this beautiful program. You will laugh, cry and have many light bulb moments. You will make friends and be supported through struggles and accomplishments. Blessings to you on this next leg of your journey.

This certification has truly enriched my life in more ways than I can count. It deepened my daily practice and made me feel more connected to myself. It’s taught me how to hold space in a different way for my friends when they have gone through struggles. My plans are to hold workshops and circle space when I open up an Air BnB in the future. –Shara P.

The Sage Priestess Certification course absolutely changed my paradigm. It came at a very unsure part of my journey. It was exactly what the universe had called for me. The group work, the journaling, the meetings and the teachers, all phenomenal. Please, if you are even thinking that this is for you, this is for YOU! It will be the best gift you can ever give to yourself. – Gabriella

“I can’t begin to express how much I have enjoyed being a part of the Sage Priestess certification course. The knowledge that has been shared by amazing Goddesses/Priestesses from around the World, has been such a gift. There has been much work to do inward, reflection of my Self and as much as I sometimes balk at doing the work, it is ALWAYS worth it and necessary.

If you resonate with the course, please don’t hesitate. Give yourself the most amazing gift to learn with Women who are giving, vulnerable, open, warm, compassionate and the most beautiful Spirits I am honoured to have spent time with and now call Sisters.” – Tatjana Kozak Kowand

“This course spoke to me in so many ways. During a time in my life when I had much upheaval and wanderings – this course allowed me to stay grounded and rooted to the earth while also growing my wings and finding new ways of being in the world. Each module ignited a different awakening and brought me closer home to myself and my own power. I would highly recommend Vanessa as a teacher!” – Anita Kaiser

“I really loved every aspect of the certification program – it was so rich with beautiful material, guest teachers and community. I received a ton of resources, frameworks and inspiration to create my own path and was always encouraged to follow my own inner wisdom. “- Yarrow Magdalena

“It’s a big step to think of myself as a priestess, yet, as a weaver, I saw that weavers were traditionally priestesses. They served Athena, for instance, and wove the sacred peplos for the annual festival to honor Her. Vanessa helped me understand how to step into this part of being a weaver and an artist, something that I have sensed all of my life, but now, here it was, laid out in front of me: weaver as priestess.”

Gentle guide, passionate priestess, and wise woman are three ways that I would describe Vanessa Sage. As a student in her Priestess Training, I have learned such a great deal of knowledge about the path that my soul yearns to walk. With gentle guidance and compassion, Vanessa makes me feel welcome to integrate the material that speaks to me specifically. This is just the sort of program and wisdom that I have been seeking to nourish my spiritual self.” —Elle North, Drawing Within


“The Sage Priestess Training program has exceeded my hopes and expectations in every way. Each week the lessons arrive in my inbox, carefully thought out and well planned. The material is interesting, informative, and beautifully presented. The Facebook group is a sacred space of learning and sharing. Vanessa is an ever present guide; offering encouragement, support, and assistance in a gentle and nurturing way. This program has been a life changing experience, and I will be forever grateful for all I have learned and experienced through it.” —Sheila Howe, The Willow’s Raven


If you want to become a Priestess, if you want to see life’s beauty through new lenses, then Vanessa Sage’s Priestess Training is the one for you! Through this course, I’ve developed a deeper appreciation of some of the Goddesses and Elements, and a new way of looking at them – and I’ve been out of the broom closet since the days of Starhawk, Z Budapest and the rest of them. This course is a loving, gentle way of becoming acquainted (or re-acquainted) with our Mother Earth, our Goddesses, the animals and the elements, and the sacredness surrounding us. – Sue Shobert Jorgenson


Vanessa’s offerings are blooming with facts, stories, practices and ideas–all wrapped up in gorgeous graphics which makes them a joy to receive!  As a part of the Priestess Training, I am reminded to see beauty and stay present in my life by observing internal pathways and Mother Earth’s cyclical treasures.

Vanessa creates a flourishing space for learning and sharing by being a loving,  encouraging presence,  with both a personal and professional approach.  I feel safe, open, seen and grateful in Vanessa’s guiding light. —Sigrid Haugen


Through her transformative wisdom, Vanessa is reinventing what it is to step into your feminine power and to connect with and honour your own divine nature. Big shifts have occurred for me. She has shown me how to trust myself, dig deep and finally find the courage to allow my inner light to shine. And for that I am truly thankful. –Karen Faith